Here is a Catholic argument that some of the people in the Church are guilty of four heresies regarding homosexuality.
The first that the term homosexual is acceptable.
Sexuality is the need and ability to have pleasure by uniting with the body of another person to produce new life. Sexuality is about being a man or woman that can perform this union. Sexuality is not about love. You can love a person without having sex with them and you can enjoy sex without loving a person. Sex need not be love but should express love. The reasoning of many that if you love somebody romantically you may have sex with them doesn’t follow. The term homosexual implies that there are other sexualities apart from the heterosexual one. Homosexuality isn’t sexuality at all, it is a total perversion and resistance to real sexuality. Scripture is correct in saying that sin causes same sex desire. If the sodomite says he wants rid of his aberration and goes to psychiatrists to no avail the reason is because nobody is seeing the true cause, sin. He wants rid of his perversion but he wants the sins that cause it so the perversion stays. He deserves no praise for his efforts.
The terms approved by the Church are sodomites and we must speak of sodomitism instead of homosexuality. The term gay is an abomination for it implies that we should be positive and happy about people being sodomites or wanting to be sodomites. We will get the blame for sodomites committing suicide but God is a God of hope and whoever commits suicide does so out of the sin of despair. They hope in God and are to blame. Suicides are always damned in hell even if they are insane when they kill themselves because they chose the path of despair before then. They knew this path leads to suicide. It is better to condemn sodomitism even if sodomites kill themselves because they can’t bear the condemnation than to tolerate the obliteration of divine authority. When we renounce the authority of God we renounce right and wrong.
Perversion happens because it is an addiction to evil and it is treason against nature. It can help no sodomite to accept his desires as good or tolerable.
The second, that some people may be born homosexual.

The apostle says it is better to marry than to burn and that people should get married to avoid fornication. This applies only to people with strong desires. Sodomites often have strong desires and to suggest that they are born as sodomites is to suggest that God is urging them to sin for he made them this way. The blasphemy is intolerable.
The third, that it is not a sin to be homosexual but only a sin to practice.
To have sodomitic desires is a sin for the inclination is caused by sin.
The apostle said that marriage is only for those who have too strong of sexual needs (1 Corinthians 7). He did not make any allowances for homosexuals and God says that marriage is the only place for sex and marriage binds one man and one woman together. This omission implies that homosexuals have nobody to blame but themselves for their sins and their inclination.  
This doctrine that it is not a sin to be homosexual is at the root of the ruling of Benedict XVI that homosexuals who are not cursed with deep rooted homosexual tendencies and who support gay culture and who haven’t practiced in three years may be accepted for the priesthood. A person who wants sex for pleasure not for procreation and love is not suitable for the priesthood and it is a sacrilege to ordain such. Do you ordain people who struggle with an orientation to commit adultery?
The fourth that discrimination against homosexuals is unlawful except in the teaching profession and some other professions.

The fifth that the person who sympathises with homosexuals is not to be considered guilty of the sin of Lot’s wife.

In view of the danger of everlasting damnation, the Church must ever warn sinners of what could happen. To party with a homosexual is hardly doing this. Christ persistently argued with the Jews though there was little point in it for he knew that there was a chance that they might change if he kept reminding them. Whoever does not keep the sin of the homosexual before his mind is committing the sin of Lot’s wife. God turned her into a pillar of salt for looking back in pity as God rained down fire and brimstone on the evil homosexual cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Accepting homosexuality or watching television programs that desensitises people to the horror of this sin, puts some children in danger of becoming homosexual.
The Concilar Church accepts practicing psychiatrists as good Catholics. It lets priests practice this profession  though it tends to be soft on gays and those who walk out of their marriage for somebody new. The reason Christ formed the Church was so that we might grow into decent and healthy human beings. Therefore it is to the Church that people should go to learn the truths about human nature and the mind not psychiatry which takes its authority not from God but from man. Psychiatrists treat people as machines. They deny free will.
The Holy Scriptures command that parents may altogether reject a son who is a drunkard and useless and have him put to death (Deuteronomy 18). Parents have the right to declare that a sodomitic son or daughter is no longer their child and to treat them as dead. If parents have this right then employers and clergy have a stronger right.
The God of love nevertheless commanded that if a man is found with a man as with a woman they must be put to death, in the scriptures. How can we reconcile this with the love of God? The answer is that homosexuals are suffering from a compulsion that leads them to sin. They are compelled by some disorder not to want the opposite sex but their own. Their sins however are still freely committed and worthy of eternal damnation. They must be put to death to deliver them from the disorder.
The Vatican II Church says that contraception and homosexuality and other sins are only sins if you understand why they are wrong. Now to believe in Christ you have to accept some authority has having the right to tell you what to believe about him. You have to believe in the authority. If you accept the authority of the Catholic Church then to commit homosexuality or contraception is a sin full stop whether you understand the teaching or not.

The Lord God has spoken. The homosexual who wants to have homosexual acts or who engages in them is committing an abomination (Leviticus 20:13) and his sin is to be totally hated and if we love God we will be wholly repelled by it. They have no right to make us sick.
The scriptures condemn prostitution and say that whenever a Catholic unites with a prostitute he is guilty of trying to unite Christ with a prostitute which is evidently a grave sin. What is so bad about prostitutes? Is it that they sell themselves for money? But what about those who give their bodies for nothing? What about homosexuals? We are the body parts of Jesus in the mystical body. St Paul wrote that no part of the body can say they don’t need the other parts (1 Corinthians 12:15-17). The body works together as a whole. Homosexuality is like two fingers being joined together. That would be like trying to mutilate the body. It is a grave mockery to Christ and the Church must always be offended gravely by such acts for they attack her as a whole and each one in the Church is a member of the body of Christ.


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