In the Bible, we read that God made man, male and female, in his own image. Then we read that God before he made woman brought the animals to man to see if he could get a companion for him.  Nothing in that text mentions a relationship with God.  The man didn't have God for a companion even though they conversed.  This is important for Christian theology hangs on the lie that early humankind smashed its intimate relationship with God. 

The man decides that no animal will suit so God then makes woman from man as an afterthought.  She is taken from man so that she becomes the image of God not in her own right but as in taking it from him.  The man Adam is God's likeness and she is only his image in so far as she is made from his body.  She is a sex-changed clone, a twin sister, who he uses sexually as in incest. Jesus said we must go back to this story as defining marriage as a sacred gift from God that is for one man and one woman for life.  A lie if ever we heard one!  He did not respect his own mother the way Catholic tradition says he did.  It goes as far as to say there is no Jesus without Mary.  None of that is in the gospels.

The story in the Bible says Eve broke God's law first.  She took fruit and ate from a forbidden tree and then got her husband to do the same.  God threatened evil and death on them should they do so.  Adam noticed that she was no different having sinned so he took the fruit too.  He had evidence that God was lying.  Indeed the talking snake had advised, "Has God really said you will die if you eat?  No eat it for then you will get the gift of knowledge of good and evil that he is trying to keep you from having."  So who was right there?

The Bible has this Adam and Eve who undid salvation. They brought war and sickness and death to all their offspring and theirs and so on until today.  In the New Testament Jesus is the new Adam who restores salvation. But there is no Eve. The suggestion that his mother was the New Eve is insane.  Mary is called Queen of Peace, mirror of justice, cause of our joy and all those things.  In Catholic worship, Mary is seen in the words of God to the serpent.  He tells him the seed of the woman will come and crush his head and he shall attack his heel.  This translation is dubious. It is thought to mean Mary through her son, her offspring, the saviour Jesus.

Also the serpent was in the right so Mary would be evil if she really did try to crush him.

Justin Martyr and St Irenaeus of Lyon came up with the Mary-Eve concept. The idea is that God commanded that she be the mother of saviour and she obeyed unlike Eve. Justin says only that Mary unlike Eve welcomed the word of God. But as Eve was commanded to keep away from the fruit, Mary would need to be commanded to give the fruit of her womb Jesus. Elizabeth her cousin prompted by the Spirit says she blesses the fruit of Mary’s womb. Mary was then pregnant.

Another idea is that Eve is his church. But that would mean that unless you are saintly the vast majority of people, virtually all, are not really of the Church though they may be part of the public Church. Christianity does say it will have its share of fakes.


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