The real question is how is there something instead of nothing?

"Why is there something rather than nothing?" is a clever red herring. The question is meant to stop us asking, "How is there something rather than nothing?" Religion says that God and creation are mysteries that we cannot understand. They are miracles. To turn nothing into something is a miracle and a miracle by definition cannot be explained and how it happened can't be understood. (It is true that our understanding of things is not as deep as what we think but miracles forces us into far worse lack of understanding.) If you can't answer or understand the how then you can understand the why even less. The how is more important than the why. That is because if you don't know how God created all things and understand all that then there is no point in asking why. Perhaps God can't make things out of nothing in which case there is no point in asking why he made all things out of nothing. If you do ignore how to ask why, it is like asking why John killed Miriam before you wonder how he did it. The how comes before the why. If there is no how there is no why.
Because how and why are indispensable to each other the question should be "How and why is there something rather than nothing?" It should not be "Why is there something rather than nothing?" Nobody denies that the how is unanswerable!


Christians say that, “Everything has to come from something.” That it comes from something matters more than what it comes from. Thus the Christian is unwittingly refuting God for a God that is that dispensable is not a God.  If you want to be specific on what the something is you need a how. It is not enough to answer that it is a miracle. You would never understand how a kitten is born if you call it a miracle. That is not an answer but avoiding an answer.


God as the how is out.


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