Abortion is very contentious for it is about the woman's right to control her body and this conflicts with the seeming right of the defenceless innocent baby to be protected and born safely.  Reasonable people say we should err on the side of the woman.  They might give us a parallel.  Vaccinations against killer diseases are needed.  But it is best to let those who won't have them make their choice.  It is best to err on the side of respecting freedom than to issue vaccination mandates. 

The Church thinks its arguments and prayers can avert abortions and keep the law willing to force pregnancy on women who want abortions.  The philosophy is hauled in to shore up the religious objections to abortion.  Thus its battle is about religion not truth or logic.  For a religion that claims to be good or special and holy and the one true hospital for sinners it does a hideous job at deterring abortion!  Catholics in some parts of the world have more abortions than any other religion.  Elsewhere the rate of Catholics aborting matches the rate of pagans aborting.  There is too much of it to justify the Church blaming individuals and not the faith.  Those who ask if religion is a crafty toxic force that leads to violence and war should look at how religion sees a blob of cells as a human being with full human rights and yet that blob can be aborted by a Catholic even a praying one.  Catholics do lay down in abortion clinics for the procedure with rosaries in their hands.  What about that perceived war?

Is abortion ethical or should it be legalised?  Why should faith be kept out of it?

First, it is only making a circus of the issue by caring what Jesus or his Church would make of abortion. Jesus had no problem with a corrupt people being told by his God to stone adulteresses who had to have been pregnant to death. If you consider abortion immoral this man or his religion is no safeguard against them. They have no moral compass but a superficial one.  They take advantage of the fact that nobody can see spiritual powers at work to pretend that they are making a spiritual and supernatural difference to people and thus making them holier.

Second, if our own cells could just grow into people inside it is obvious that it is our body and we can kill them or go to a doctor to terminate them.

Every penny given to the Catholic Church supports an organisation whose core teachings include stopping women having the right to choose. The money is mainly for "teaching". Everything the religion does has this "teaching" ethos.  To tell yourself you are paying for the upkeep of the church building is no excuse.  What is the building for?  It is for "educating" and worship and education are linked together.


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