Truth is truth and it is bigger than you and you cannot change it.  You don't like that.  That is why there is such a buzz when you get others to accept your "truth" as the truth.  That is just a sweet-talking way of lying.

Jesus as saviour is said to be invested with positive spiritual power. If Jesus was a fake then he is a bad spiritual influence and to serve him is opening yourself up to evil. Evil leads to deception and evil and deception are not necessarily about making you feel bad. A spiritual being or force that cannot harm or help is still harming in the sense that you are depending on it for spiritual help that is not there. You are blocked from the truth and without truth you cannot grow. You are blocked from the real spiritual good influence and power. The lack of concern in most religionists about truth and spiritual truth speaks of Jesus being impotent spiritually.

Religious believers believe rubbish easily because when they think others take it seriously that this somehow validates it. Believers are selfish because they endeavour to have their prejudices about truth and people confirmed. Instead of that they should want the truth confirmed as truth. 
All agree that manipulating others is the strongest form of selfishness. In so far as you do not care for the truth about life and God etc, to that degree you are a manipulator.
Of the following who is the most selfish? Is it the person who manipulates others for,
#Two or more of those?
The person who is most selfish inside is the person who plots to get influence and power that they are not entitled to. Indeed you cannot manipulate to get money or sex or praise unless you start with scheming to get influence and power. And those who manipulate and flatter to get power and influence are the most selfish for they have the best chance of getting away with it and avail of it. We all know that if we abuse money and sex that the greed for them puts us at serious risk. Despite the risk and the self-destructiveness we still class it as selfishness though it seems more sacrificial than selfish. So the person who exploits and takes steps to avoid it backfiring is the most selfish.
When the manipulator succeeds at winning one of those it is a great buzz for the ego. He celebrates his success. He feels clever and powerful. This buzz, the reward, means more to him than actually being manipulative. It motivates him to devise new plots.
There is no ego buzz more powerful and addictive than the buzz people get when they have many people believing their drivel when they should know better. The manipulator enjoys getting rational people to accept the irrational just because he says the irrational is rational.
She enjoys getting people to believe the incoherent rubbish she dishes out to them.
He enjoys seeing people make huge sacrifices for his religious lies.
She enjoys getting people to believe important things on inadequate evidence just because they are taking her as an authority.


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