Religion is a force that is ultimately made by the religious impulse that exists in many people and is put in them.

The perception that religion causes war is very rife in society.

Religion causes wars yes but also causes undeclared war. It does the latter best and sooner or later undeclared becomes declared. It takes full advantage of the fact that undeclared war is harder to see for what it is – war. Religion has always been in a war against women. That women suffer most in wartime has never been a consideration. That they have to cope alone while their husbands are on the battle fields was never a concern either and this is coming from a faith that pretends to respect and uphold marriage and family. Religion has approved wars without thinking of women or caring.

If we were like other creatures where the female could become pregnant without anybody else being involved even then the faith would be forcing these women to suffer and die from unwanted pregnancies.  They would be treated as incubators.

The Catholic and Protestant if they could go back in time before Jesus supposedly released us from the rules about stoning people to death for God wanted them purged from the community they would kill. They cannot say they would not for we can be sure fathers at the time said they would never stone their daughters and then went out and did it and surprised themselves.  And what about the social pressure - "if you are not joining us to stone this heretic do you have leanings towards heresy yourself?"? What if the circumstances returned that made such laws necessary?  If you find such rules reprehensible you cut the Bible and Christianity off and that is that and tell other Christians to grow some sense.  Simple.  You are tainted for going along with it in any level.

Some argue that if you check encyclopedias you may count around 123 wars that seem to show religion leads to war.  They boast that that amounts to only around 7% of the wars.  They do not tell us about how many religions actually fuel and feed wars they do not cause.  Christianity did not start the world wars but it made sure they would not be brief wars.  The Christian placebo effect had soldiers going out to kill confident of the blessing of God. And a religious battle between two villages one Catholic and one Muslim does not count as a war!  Religion wages piecemeal wars more than any other kind.

Critics point out that atheists such as Sam Harris seem to think that only Muslims are suicide bombers.  The Marxist outfit the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam apparently managed 168 of 273 suicide bombings from 1980 to 2000 - a mere two decades.

Harris says that religion is the explicit cause of millions of deaths.

Here is a list of ten of the most dreadful and most religion-based wars.

1. Eighty Years' War
2. Thirty Years' War
3. French Wars of Religion
4. Nigerian Civil War
5. Germans Peasants' War
6. First Sudanese Civil War
7. Second Sudanese Civil War
8. The Crusades
9. Lebanese Civil War
10. Second War of Kappel

What about the constant warring between Muslims who are Sunnite and Shiite despite being essentially the same in faith? What about how Catholics and Protestants cannot stand each other despite having so much in common and being neighbours?  Religion is an excuse for a division.

A Catholic writer says that it is “better to create Christians (by conversion) than to destroy Muslims. If Islam had been converted, the world would have been immeasurably more united and happier; for one thing, three-quarters of the wars of modern history would never have taken place.”

There has only been 220 years of peace in the last 5000 years. The emergence of religion, particularly organised religion, has done us no real favours.


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