In 1940, Pope Pius XI denied the constant tradition of the Church by teaching that sexual pleasure is not a sin and that it is not wrong to seek it in marriage.

The Church teaches that sex is mainly for reproduction and secondly for love. It if were honest it would teach that it is only for reproduction because it is God’s will that babies be created to serve him. So it is just for God’s will.

If sex is mainly for babies then love as we want it to be does not matter. However love as God wants it to be is self-sacrifice and is painful and it seeks to make others make the same sacrifices of pain. If sex is for this kind of cold love then it follows that it is imperfect and not altruistic if it is not engaged in just for a baby. It is more altruistic to have sex for a baby than it is not to. To refuse to be as altruistic as possible is to refuse to love and the act that falls short of what you could do is really a product of the ego. This implies that contraceptive sex and gay sex are selfish and are not loving at all. The huge majority of women cannot have an orgasm through sexual intercourse and need the help of masturbation which shows how anti-women the Church and its ranting about procreation and “natural” are.

Falling in love would be a sin for it means wanting a person and not just a baby.

The Church condemns excess drinking for it reduces your freedom and blesses the sex-drive though it is not better. Falling in love involves wanting a person sexually because of desire and not because of the person for you can’t turn your feelings on and off for the affection is involuntary. It must be a sin for holy love is unemotional and sacrificing and wants to make babies for God instead of wanting the desire for a person not the person. It is not on when the Church which forbids wilful sex desire outside marriage approves of it underhandedly.
For people who are careful with contraception, their sex lives will be very good. The lack of contraception puts a limit on the amount of sex you dare to have. The Catholic Church teaches that artificial birth control is always immoral even when it is to prevent a husband infecting his wife with the AIDS virus. The idea that contraception is bad has more to do with hatred of sexuality and the desire to see it punished by having unwanted babies than with any real concern for the people who use it or need it. Contraception must be the worst sin possible when it is better if you are having sex to risk your life and bringing sick babies into the world to suffer by neglecting contraception. Nothing is that bad that it can be banned under all circumstances. The Church allows killing in self-defence for heaven’s sake!
Most Christians fall in love, practice contraception and have sex. This is in spite of the Church and not because of it.

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