Samaritans were heretical Jews who were not considered to be racially pure.  They were hated outcasts and had to have a temple and religion of their own.

Jesus informed a Samaritan lady at the well that salvation comes from the Jews (John 4:22). He told her to reintegrate. 

Put this in context.  She would have been in danger from her own people for attempting to do that.  And the Jews hated Samaritans on race and religious grounds.

He was clearly saying that you go to the one true faith at any price for the evil done to you over it is chosen for you by others.  You are the one doing the right thing.

The rules would be as he knew that she could become a Jew that but as racial purification was required it would only be a descendant far down the line, ten generations in fact, who would get proper full acceptance.

This is a denial that sincerity is enough and that God will save you if you are not in the true religion. The Samaritans followed virtually the same Law as the Jews and were sincere. They believed in the same God as the Jews though there were some minor differences and yet Jesus said that the Jews know what they are worshipping and the Samaritans do not (John 4:22). He meant they were not in touch with God or getting intimate with him for they had the wrong faith. Not only does this suggest that those who have not heard of God and those who do not believe in him will not be saved but it suggests you can have the true God and know a bit about Jesus and still be damned so you need to know a fair bit about them. The Jews and Samaritans were theologically closer than Catholics and Protestants are. This clearly shows that if the Protestants are right the Catholics will be lost forever for they do not have a relationship with God. The relationship they have is like the relationship a man has with a woman he has deluded himself is in love with him and that he loves her.

Jesus told the Samaritan woman that she and her co-religionists did not know what they were worshipping for those who worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth for "God is a Spirit (a spiritual Being) and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality)" (John 4:24). Because God is bodiless or a spirit we have to be spirits too to worship him. Whatever could Jesus have meant by such a statement? He certainly was supporting the Gnostic doctrine that you treat your body as not you or part of you and that you live like a spirit or as if you didn't have a body. By implication, Jesus was denying that his resurrection body was a real body despite its power to materialise. He said then that because God is a spirit we must worship him in truth. What does that mean? It can't mean, "God is a spirit so we must worship him in reality or really worship him." That makes no sense. If God is supreme then spirit or not he is entitled to our worship. If God is a spirit then he can be everywhere and see all things. So Jesus must have meant, "Worship God by the truth for God knows and sees all". He will see if you have the truth or not and will treat you accordingly. When you have the truth of God, God is pleased for you agree with him and this is worship. Those who do not have the truth will not be accepted by God.

He got her to admit that she had several husbands and the man in her life was not her husband.  In an age where girls were forced to wed too young and to be raped in marriage, instead of impugning her autonomy he should have upheld it.


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