Why is it a serious sin to leave the Catholic Church?
The Church is Catholic meaning anybody at any time can become a Catholic. It says there is no need for lying or manipulation to get anybody in. So even to the simplest minded person, it is obvious that the Catholic Church alone is from God and authorised by him. What makes it obvious is the four marks he gave the Church so that we would know it was the true Church. Unity, holiness, Catholicity and apostolicity. Thus nobody can mean well when they leave the Catholic Church. They suffer from deliberate ignorance or feigned ignorance. Self-deception and feigned ignorance are one and the same.
The Church is clear, "The Church is Jesus' voice and teaching instrument. Therefore the teachings of the Church are objectively correct. In other words, they are simply the truth no matter what anybody thinks. To leave the Church is to set yourself against the truth whether you realise it or not."
God has set up the Church and given it its teachings. To leave the Church is to oppose him whether you realise it or not.
If you break unity with the Church you are implying you give permission to everybody else to do the same as you. It is to say, "Let the Church cease to exist if its members want to get out". Breaking unity with the Church means breaking its Canon Law. Or it may mean rejecting parts of the teaching of the Church. A Church with discordant voices is not a unity.
To say, "I disagree with the Church on gay marriage. It should be allowed", means, "If you disagree with me and the Church that abortion is wrong, then that is fine." If you claim the right to dissent and make up your mind you have to extend the same right to everybody else. Indeed that is what your making up your own mind suggests. The Church regards abortion as an extremely serious sin.
The Church teaches, "To damage the unity of the Church is a sin against loving your neighbour."
If there are too many different religions, or factions in the one religion, that leads to division and therefore to bigotry and to war.
The Church states, "There is no salvation for anybody who leaves the Church if they know it's a sin. They must leave of their own free will. Unless they repent and return to the Church they will suffer the everlasting torment of Hell."
To cast doubt on a Church teaching, except the optional teachings of the Church, is to cast doubt on everything else the Church says.
It is to cast doubt on the doctrine that wilful murder is a grave sin.
It is to insult the suffering of Christ by doubting that it really was intended to to save us from sin.
It is to cast doubt on what guards us against everlasting torment in Hell.
It is to cast doubt on the notion that God helps us discover the truth through giving us the one true religion.
The doubter may say, "I don't intend to do that." You do. You don't need to be conscious of all that to intend to cast doubt on it. Your intention is ,"Whatever the consequences I wish to cast doubt on the teachings."
Conclusion: The Church teaches that leaving Catholicism is a sin evil beyond belief.


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