Hate is the urge to hurt another person just because you want to see them hurt. Most who discourage hate argue that it is to be avoided for it gets too easily out of control and your perception gets distorted more and more all the time as it becomes a habit. Your view of others becomes polluted and bitter. Most people see hate as a Pandora's Box and this is their main reason to oppose hate. Such a view suggests that hate is not bad in itself as long as it can be kept within boundaries. This makes you suspicious of those Christians who claim to believe in hating the sin and loving the sinner - they are trying to smugly hide their hate and are examples of passive aggressive hate. And there are people who seem - who seem! a seem does not amount to an are! - capable of restraining hate. Incredibly, religion claims to be good while it makes the desire to hurt sin or hurt people far more fierce.

Most Christians say that hate is a sin. Justice says that if somebody hates you, you may - actually the word is should - hate them back. And if we are to hate sins and wish them to suffer for our pleasure then it is surely correct to hate those who hate you? If you dare not do it because of the consequences then it means you agree with it in principle but can't implement it.

The starting point of Christianity is that we are all to hate sin. We are to hate our own sins and the sins we see others commit. But the problem with hate is, "I want to hurt you because I think you are offending and hurting and threatening me". Hate is to imagine that someone or something is the cause of your pain and sense of danger and one must try to get it forcibly stopped with condemnation and punishment. But you make your hate. It is you torturing yourself over somebody else's actions or perceived actions. Hate breeds hate and even if it is the sin you hate you are only seconds away from starting to hate the person who willingly creates the sin.

We tend to be grateful to things when they benefit us. We feel a sense of gratitude towards the car that gets us to hospital. We kick and curse the car and swear at it when it breaks down. We treat events and things as if they consciously bless us and curse us. If you really hate a sin, you are personifying it and you are as good as hating a person. That hate will be just as poisonous as hating a person and make you bitter and dangerous.  You may as well hate person. It is more dangerous to hate a person and blind yourself to this by telling yourself that it is the sin you hate than it is to openly hate the person. At least when you identify the evil and the hate and who it is directed at you have the opportunity to maybe do something about it.

The Church cannot be trusted as a force for non-violence and peace when it lies about having reasons for condemning hate towards people though not sins. None of the reasons are convincing.

Sin is not a thing but a summary of evils and when you think about them you get to see that believers have to be hard-wired to hate sinners.  For example, a prideful person is easily hated and we are told that pride is how sin always starts.

Christianity treats a sinner or evil person as a good and trustworthy one just for repenting or declaring repentance. They justify this on the basis that somebody deserves a new chance. But it does not follow that the chance has to be just given. Why can’t the chance be a process rather than just an instant change of status? Another justification is that God starts healing the sinner albeit gradually but enough to make the person trustworthy. This is dangerous and irresponsible rubbish if there is no God or if he does not heal or if repentance is being simulated. If a woman murders her baby for fun it is simply extremism to treat her as if she didn’t because she says she repents and would do it differently if there was a second chance.  It is plainly using repentance as an excuse for virtually dismissing and ignoring what she has done. Plus it is cruel to tell somebody God is helping her when he is not. You have to take responsibility if she goes and kills the next baby or if she could go back in time and do the same thing again.  Repentance is another reason for hating sin for there are problems with it.

Repentance is a lie for it is not a mere action or something that is done in a moment.  It a process that starts off weak and has to be worked on and nourished until it gets strong.  Yet the repentant want to be reinstated in society and religion and with God and trusted and treated as if the sin never happened.  They want it too soon and on the basis that it's an instant thing and that is suspicious. These problems and how many are uncomfortable with those who claim to repent show that those who proclaim love for sinners have to be deluded or lying.  The benefits of saying you repent even if you do not are such that you are as good as forced to say it in order to avoid provoking hate or the pain of learning that the love sinners and hate sin brigade do in fact hate you.

If we are hardwired to hate then religion by pretending to fix hate is in fact its friend and ally.



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