The Church says that the wrong body experience of trans people suffers creates these violations of scripture.

One is that experience can mislead as scripture says.

Two God arranges your soul and body union. A soul does not just appear by itself and happen to be in a body which is the wrong one.

Three, nobody has absolute rights over even their own body.

Four, the body is not literally your own but belongs to God.

Any one of these is a threat to a trans person.  It can add to their dysphoria or create new problems.  Even suggesting them is harmful.

Science cannot give you hard evidence that you are really trans so only your experience can tell you. No test can verify that your DNA has programmed you to sense you should be another sex or even no sex any more than it can show it programmed you to adore football. Each person is their own scientist in so far as only they know who they are and what their gender is. Science is a dangerous thing to depend on for validation and recognition and affirmation. It can lead to the imposition of a biological essentialist ideology on vulnerable people who are denied trans healthcare and their right to body autonomy. Most science in the world does that and always will. Plus science is often funded by patriarchal religion which is a grave evil and ruins impartiality. Look at trans being denied even urgent gender affirming care in Catholic hospitals. Lives are being lost.

We are told that the pronouns we use for others are ours not theirs. But affirming trans requires that you let the trans person choose how you shall describe them. Pronoun use out of respect for a person feeling they are in the wrong body, wrong sex, wrong existence, is not respect. That is patronising pity and it a fast route to full-blown transphobia. Discrimination starts there.

It's not about the person's feeling but the person's truth.

Pronouns are for you to declare who the person is and must be used in sincerity.

Gender dysphoria is agony and trans do not need or want insincerity from you.

A free person, a person who is confident to be free, does not need to be affirmed by others. That seems to be an objection to trans including nonbinary and gender fluid identities. But in fact there are certain things about us that are so basic that they do need to be affirmed by others. A child needs affirming as a child. An adult gets affirmation as an adult.

Some say if you want my idea to die, you want my power to have this idea to die which means you want me to die. This is true when people see your trans identity as an idea that you have made part of you and have absorbed. They imply it is not innate but you as good has made this bad idea part of your very being. It is as good as intrinsic. And your deepest self is part of you and does in fact involve an idea. DNA makes your sense of self, it makes you your idea of yourself.

Most of us find the sex we are in our minds matches the body we have. We refer to that as biological sex. But it is obvious that biological sex is both mind and body. DNA makes you the person you see yourself to be, the person you know you are. Most of us become our biological sex without any need for a transition. Biological sex covers those who "become" their true sex/gender in a different way. It is not become so much as unfold. Nature uses science to develop those people.

People need to be aware that unknown distress may be down to not seeing that they are in the wrong gender - awakening is a necessity.
Biology may program you to accept your birth gender and change it later. I may have been born in the right body but that is not the case now.
Failure to affirm the transgender person - including the right of those who have had the transgender experience but who reject the label transgender and settle simply for man or woman - is to be outlawed as a form of abuse. The treatment plan for the dysphoria is not a clinical setting or hospital matter only but more of a social one. All the surgery in the world does not help if people don't sincerely and honestly think of you and treat you as the gender you transitioned to. A sense that people are only going along with you can hurt more than a direct outright rejection by another of your true identity.

Dysphoria - the distress between the gender shape of the body and what your mind knows it should be but is not - is very varied. For some, it may be enough just to be accepted as the mind gender without any medical intervention. For some hormones is enough. For others some surgery is necessary. Others need as much surgery as possible to feel gender affirmed as their true gender. Dysphoria in some may just be cosmetic and that is fine. If a man who does not see himself as a woman but who wants to look like one needs medical intervention then fine. Transgender people must accept the fact that biological sex is really a myth for it is too simplistic as currently understood so not all people who are called transgender should be.

While we help transgender people to transition for the sake of keeping them alive and to manage the terrors of gender dysphoria, it is a tragedy that the illness takes away choice. For somebody to have to take such big steps over being forced by a condition is sad. Gender dysphoria when it drives the sufferer like that raises a question, "If it is right to transition when forced then why only then? Is it right to affirm a person's gender only to spare them pain and the risk of suicide?" Clearly the answer to the question is no.

The right to change gender without dysphoria must be affirmed. Being forced to change your body over dysphoria is one thing but the right to choose is better.

Transgender rights involve respect for atheism and naturalism for both of these say your body is your business alone and what God would want is not a concern.

Faith in God is a microaggression or latent transphobia for a number of reasons - it implies God has organised creation and is in charge so maybe it is wrong to change your body that way. The maybe is always there for God has given no revelation that he accepts gender theory and nobody really has the right to speak for him that it is his plan. The plan idea insults the suffering that is involved.

Too many think of a transwoman as a surgically made female impersonator. They think of similar transmen as cosmetically altered drag kings. As people who change their gender place in society are often compelled by distress, more distress is loaded on them by society's failure to affirm them totally as their true gender. Any psychological help needs society to be a safe affirming place for them. Thus force is necessary to guarantee that this safety will happen. Only some will need actual force. Once critics and transphobes are silenced their poison cannot spread.

Even one transgender person's suicide is not worth any religion's "right" to refuse to accept that people can change sex and gender and that people can have a body and mind gender mismatch. Transmen for example should be ordained in the Catholic Church. Baptism should be provided in your new or correct gender. Baptism assigns male and female identities as babies and that is a form of non-acceptance and bigotry. Deadnaming and the wrong gender in baptismal records needs fixing. Jesus and Mary should be accepted as being possibly closet transgenders.

Affirmation is healthcare and this has been proven in some studies. Depression rates reduce when a transperson is affirmed even by getting the correct pronouns. It is time religion was forced to affirm that sex is not binary or that it makes a clear and willing affirmation that it does not accept scripture teaching about gender.

Gender affirmation treatment and surgery have better success rates at keeping the person alive than cancer treatment keeps cancer patients alive. The treatment then is to be seen as essential not elective.

Some transgender people seek legal recognition for their gender. Others do not. You may want it so you can be labelled as your true gender. Some say you should look for the label for the label has consequences for you and raises the question of what protections the label you identify as should bring you. Others claim that this does not change the fact that making yourself a label is objectifying yourself and asking others to consider objectifying you. You are not the label hanging from you. Surely people should be looking after you because you are a person and forget the labelling stuff? But this is an argument for dropping all labels, male, female, person. Labels should stick to what is essential.

We are both male and female or more accurately we are on a spectrum. Our genes say our bodies should have certain characteristics. For example, a vagina for females and a penis for males. But if we change this through surgery, if a penis is made into a vagina then one is female. Genes aren't everything! They are only about the physical. If genes program the need for genital change then genes giving a penis to men and a vagina to women is not the last word.

Despite the expectations of the world about real men and real women each one of us is partly male and partly female. A caring man has the female instinct of caring and nurturing. Many will despise him for that showing that they are awful people because they would rather he was some kind of callous and arrogantly macho monster. With its stress on the way nature is, religion should shoulder much of the blame for this. Yet it is made up of men who haven’t the guts to be truly and genuinely decent.

Some men and women like to dress up and act like the opposite sex for it fulfils some need. It is getting in touch with their female or male sides so it is perfectly natural for no man is totally male and no woman is totally female. Nobody should be ashamed or guilty about it as long as they don’t steal clothes off lines.

Long ago, macho males wore wigs and made their faces white with make-up and put on beauty spots. The rules about how men and women should dress and act are just tradition based on habit and custom and there is no natural law that says women should wear make-up and men should not. If you have skin you can wear it and should if it is good for it and makes it look better. It is bigotry to force your conventions on others who may not be willing to follow them. If a man wants to wear the male version of a skirt like Jonathan Ross did some years ago then let him. He may look awful in it to some people but all should worry about pleasing themselves instead of others when working on their appearance. Religion puts itself up to be a great fighter against prejudices. If it were it would not be barring people with “inappropriate” dress from the Church. It was worse in the past but is still a keen prejudice maker.

It is wrongly thought that effeminate men are likely to be homosexuals or paedophiles. Mannerisms come from habit and environment and are not inherited like the colour of your eyes nor are they your nature. They do not come from being born a homosexual or a transvestite but the gay man can feel more in common with women and may behave more womanly. We see that society needs to be more accepting and affirming of gender role differences for no two men/women are exactly alike.

Some people who are different and clearly trans get non-affirmation and abuse from transgender people as well. For example, some trans think they have the right to tell to tell other trans that surgery should be delayed or cancelled in times of crisis. This happened when the hospitals were crippled by Covid 19 in 2020. It is transphobic to invalidate or make assumptions like that about the experience of any trans person.

Transmen and transwomen have a problem with being accepted in this hostile society. Most acceptance seems to be reluctant acceptance. It because of the transgender narrative, "My brain tells me my body is wrong for me, it is not matching the gender I feel I am. I am suicidal because of this problem." People tolerate transgenderism fearing that transgenders will commit suicide. Some find it unclear as to why being in the wrong body necessarily makes you want to kill yourself. Some say that feelings are not enough reason for changing your body with surgery.

Even if you do not articulate it that way, the drive to suicide unless the body is brought into line with what your psychology says your gender and/or sex is is saying it for you. You are not merely in the wrong body but malevolently trapped and imprisoned. Your response is hate for the body parts that should not be there. You want to get out.

Being in the wrong body gives you the right to change your body. That is obvious. Being trapped makes it an emergency and anybody who discourages you is just a jailer.

People who need transgender surgery do not get it until they prove to mental health professionals that their minds do not match the body they are in. This policy smacks of transphobia. The implication is: the surgery is a necessary evil because it is the only way to help people who have really been born in the wrong body. In other words, it's a pity it has to be done. The proper attitude is that it is their body and their business and if they want to change it they should be supported. A person who simply wants the body of the opposite gender should get it if they have proven they want it. A man should have the right to become a woman whether or not he feels he was born in the wrong body. And similarly of course a woman should have the right to become a man.

If a child's sex or gender cannot be worked out due to the child having a genital malformation and is say a girl and raised as a boy the child will have a nightmarish sense of being in the wrong body. Transgender people have the same feeling though their case is not the same. Transitioning is therefore absolutely necessary and should be allowed for children as well. Those who object are a danger to children and bigots and hate mongers.

Gender affirmation and respect for individual differences is critical in this debate.


Transmen are men and transwomen are women. How? One suggestion is that a transman describes how nature formed this man in a different way or transwoman is how nature formed this woman in another way. It should be purely descriptive.

Tolerance is not good enough if somebody is transgender. Acceptance by family and friends and community is part of the treatment for their distress and indeed the core part.

At this point, how can we say a man's identity is actually truly female or a woman's truly male if getting their bodies to match their minds and perceived gender is a form of treatment? Treatment implies illness. The answer is to see it not as treatment but intervention. The distress is what needs treatment and that is where forcing society to accept transgender people in their true sex, not the one assigned at birth, comes in.

Not all transgender men identify as biological men. Not all transgender women identify as biological women. Some do. Most feel that they should have been the gender opposite to what they got at birth but do not claim to be really the opposite sex. Take a transgender woman. She wants to be treated as female and live as female but she does not think her genes are female or that she is a woman in the way her sister is. She does not bleed every month and has no womb and no chance of carrying a baby. That is her truth and she is a transphobe if she won't let other trans say they are men not transmen or women not transwomen.
If you identify as a mega rich pop superstar though you cannot sing and live in poverty does that mean that you should be respected for it? It is not the same thing. The difference is that it makes sense to be the kind of person who needs to change their lives and bodies to live as if they were the opposite sex. It is possible.

Each person is their own scientist in so far as only they know who they are and what their gender is. Science is a dangerous thing to depend on for validation as it's going to impose a biological essentialist ideology on vulnerable people who end up being denied trans healthcare. A doctor can refuse to help not because she or he thinks trans is nonsense but because there is no test available to be sure that it is the right thing. Plus science is often evil for it's funded by patriarchal religion. Look at trans being denied gender affirming care in Catholic hospitals. Lives are being lost.


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