If you wish to promote evil and be good at it, you have to dress the evil up as good. Or you can do what the Catholic Church does: make good look bad or silly and have people going about claiming to be good while endorsing ideas that undermine true goodness.
One way the Church does this is by its ridiculous teaching. The priests try to look good while teaching the ridiculous love your neighbour as yourself. You don’t need to go that far to be a good Samaritan. The Samaritan who helped the victim of robbers in Jesus’ story could have done all that for him without really valuing him as himself. Another way is by conditioning people to pretend that its morality is morality when it is anything but.
The moral guidance is set to fail. The Church is essentially discouraging and depressing and removes meaning from life and gives you a dreadful God that you would wish never existed.

The Church says it believes in acts of superogation. Superogation is an act you should be praised for carrying out and not blamed if you refuse to do it. It is an optional good work. An example is giving ten pence to a beggar man on the street.
The Catholic Church claims to have the right to worry parents who do not have their babies baptised. Nobody has the right to upset people over religious presumptions. Religion should stand for principles that do no harm if they do no good.
Catholics say you will go to Hell forever if you don’t repent of committing murder or having sex outside marriage or having sex with contraception inside marriage. So if you murder somebody you only kill their body. But people who have sex outside marriage then kill souls by fitting them for Hell. So it follows that they are worse than murderers.
Catholics are expected to believe in an all-good God despite the evil and suffering in the world. Nothing, no matter how bad it is, will disprove the existence of God for them. The person who ceases to believe in God because he or she thinks there is something absurd about the concept But the person who disbelieves in God because he encounters something so evil that he cannot believe God allows it to happen Such a person is insulting the sick. He is saying, “If your suffering cannot be condoned, I refuse to see that. I choose to condone what I believe the God I believe in does.”
The Catholic Church brings trouble. When a religion is accompanied by so much bloodletting and child abuse and deception it is right to investigate the Church to ensure that it is not just another man-made religion. This is not done. The priests are cheating the people. The unholy nature of the Catholic Church is astonishing and there are so many faiths that have a better record when it comes to ethical behaviour. When you see that, you see that the Catholic Church cannot be the one true Church.
A Church that teaches such serious ideas as that we have original sin, can go to Hell forever, are chastised by God when we suffer and provides evidence that isn’t good enough to back up big claims like that is deceptive. The Church says that when we do good by God’s grace, it is God’s credit not ours. This is a very serious claim and denies that we can praise ourselves for doing good and it must be a sin to be thanked. Again we need proof and it is not there. Extraordinary claims according to some demand equally extraordinary evidence.  To me that at the minimum means hard evidence. You don’t say the local gossip is sincere when she claims Bernie must have had sex with the milkman when she merely sees him leaving Bernie’s house. The Catholic Religion asks such serious things of those who know little about the faith and even tells them to pretend they know that the faith is true! I know more than most believers and more than many priests so they should listen to me.
The Christians show their true concern for others by repudiating good sense. They say that if your wife tells you something extraordinary such as that there is a bomb on the plane you don’t test what she says but take her word for it. 
The priests would wreak havoc if they could get most or all people to listen to their rubbish and believe it. Life would not be worth living.
Catholic teaching is useless. It does not help in most situations eg a nosey neighbour. And we don’t think about tit most of the time so what do we need a religion for?
It is very important that we endeavour to promote the knowledge and the facts that refute Catholicism as a faith. The Church resists such knowledge and opposes it by ignoring it or by distorting it to make it look foolish. But the truth will have an effect. The discoveries made in the past that show that Christianity is not as believable as it pretends to be and is in fact full of deceit and error and hypocrisy have slowly but surely led to the secularism and lack of interest in learning about Christianity that is so rife today.
Though debunking the faith is important, nothing is more important than helping the Catholic Church network and structure to collapse. Catholics tend to follow the Church more because they want to fit in with their family and neighbours more than any
The system keeps the truth away from the flock. The pope for example at a Bible conference is not going to highlight the facts that show that the Bible cannot be true. This is a total insult to those academics who know the truth and those who are misled to take the Bible seriously as the word of God.
The system is based on a sometimes moderate wish to keep away from other people and cause division. A religion for many people listed as members is about them being separate and not about faith or belief. Why be separate from others? The answer can only be that they are considered bad or inferior in some way.
The clergy should be prepared to take harsh criticism and are really the instigators of all the problems caused by the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church.
Convicted criminals and notorious liars such as Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormons will come up with holy books and some people will argue that the books must be true when they come from such a foul person.  This is like how Christians say the Church must be truly from God despite the evil people who built it up and the endless failures to do good. These arguments are dangerous. There is no must about it. When liars produce revelations from God we can believe they are telling the truth for once or lying. Using the arguments the Christian use, you will soon end up gullible. You will soon have to say that any fraud or liar may be believed as long as he produces a holy book of revelations from God.


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