In Tuam, Ireland, it was discovered that the remains of around 800 babies were disposed of in a septic tank at a Catholic workhouse for unmarried mothers.


Human nature is prone to double-think and cognitive dissonance. That is why Christians may decide during Church that they believe in the religion but as soon as they are out the door their atheist or humanist side dominates. Religion is such effective training in cognitive dissonance that it is possible for it to justify murder like it may have done in this case. The way the babies were dumped might indicate that they were not baptised. Catholicism teaches that unbaptised babies are estranged from God. In reality it is God that would have to be estranged from the babies! What a vindictive petty God! Those who take their babies for baptism when they have no say in it, are disrespecting their babies and enabling an evil system of doctrine. They are allowing and even encouraging a religion to insult their babies. Whatever happened to assuming babies don't need forgiveness from God in baptism until it is proven that they do? What about innocent until proven guilty? If a baptised baby ends up being a really good person, that is in spite of baptism and the nasty message it conveys.

Re The Telegraph's Tim Stanley trying to make out that the mass graves of babies in Tuam is a human tragedy not a Catholic one though it is plain that the Church is to blame for those deaths.

Regarding Catholicism and Islam doing bad things Stanley writes, "The reality is that in both cases you have a humane and logical faith being practiced wrongly by bad people." Catholicism claims to be the best reconciliation between faith and reason which insinuates that Islam is a lot less logical if not outright illogical. I doubt that Stanley is being sincere - Islam and Catholicism are too different in doctrine and practice for both to be logical. And what is humane about Catholicism saying we have the power to be bad for all eternity? What about innocent until proven guilty? And Jesus even if he did stop stoning of adulteresses to death did not apologise for or repudiate the stoning of adulteresses prior to that. In fact he said the Law of Moses was written by God meaning the cruel command to stone came from the God he put forward as a sign of perfection to be emulated and worshipped. He supposedly claimed to be that God! Stanley uses the expression bad people. Interesting. So does Jesus. It shows that Catholicism's foundational doctrine that it regards actions as bad not the people is hypocrisy. If people are bad they are hateful - period. People cannot admit that so they pretend that it is the actions they hate while they regard the doer of the actions as adorable and perfect. Religious hypocrisy endangers people and particularly children. Let Tuam teach us that if nothing else!


You know this thing with the babies being dumped by nuns in septic tanks. Everybody is so outraged. My problem with that is actions speak loudest and nobody "cares" until the media shows what is going on. Then the hollow apologies come. The Catholic Church is always sorry when it is caught out. Wish some bishops and priests and nuns would stop manipulating and just tell the truth: "We don't care". They hope to go to Heaven where they admit they won't care about the suffering of children and family in Hell.

Somebodys insinuation here that the nuns and priests involved did not believe in God is ludicrous for only a small percentage of the population supports atheism and people who dedicate their lives to indoctrinating children and praying and celibacy and make prisoners of themselves definitely do believe. The problem is that Catholicism is man-made and thus has no more power than anything else to arrest the human inclination to be evil. It does not really care for it gives quack treatments for sin and remember that the list of sins for Catholics is far bigger than the list most of us live by. For example, deliberate doubt of church teaching is a sin whereas for most ordinary people it is a virtue. If Jesus founded Catholicism on fake hope he must take some of the responsibility if not all of it. Your insinuation that you have to disbelieve in God to be bad is grossly bigoted and what about good little children of seven and eight who think they do not believe?


Be careful not to say that nuns who dump unbaptised children in septic tanks are so called-Christians. If Christianity is man-made the label is man-made and they claim it so they can have it. They can be called Christian. There is no way to judge a religion good except by the behaviour of its members. Religion asks you to believe and obey – it treats belief as an action too. So religion whatever it is is certainly soething you do! This shit where we are told that a bad Hindu is not a Hindu or an ISIS terrorist is not a Muslim and a cruel Christian is not a Christian is nonsense and an insult both to the bad people and their victims and to those who want to accurately diagnose the problem. And Catholicism tries to make Christians not out of good works but out of magical rites such as baptism. An absolute disgrace.


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