You can believe God has made you and to be so close to you that though you are together not one person, one large person, this difference is only a technicality.

Some mystics say that there is only one self. They speak of the universal self. So God, gods, angels, men and women, everyone is all one person and individuality is not literally true. It seems there are individuals but there are not. The only individual is one, that universal self.  If my neighbour is thought of by me as me then I cannot love him. It is me I love. Some say the reason I can love another is because that person is not me. To say there is no real I or You is saying all people are just one self-centred if not selfish person. You find a commandment in this, “Do not love the person beside you. Be the person beside you for there is no real wall between you marking you and that person off as separate individuals.”

Egoistic morality would say that doing harm to somebody only really does harm to yourself.  So the only problem with building torture camps for children is that you harm your soul and corrupt who you are. If so you cannot be punished. Punishing is not about hurting a person for hurting themselves for that makes no sense. It would be unfair.  You cannot deter a person from hurting themselves for that involves harming them. It defeats the purpose. What about defending the children then?  The harm to them is erased and made to be about you.

Now it is possible for two or more people to be so close that they are virtually one person living as an egoist. Some couples are like that.  It is possible for you to have an image of God who is so close to you that you and he are doing something similar to that.

Self-centred is when one is unable to get out of one's difficulties to think of others.  Selfish is when one just won't think of others.  Self-centredness and selfishness can be extended so that the group you are in is collectively trapped in self or self-absorbed.  You and your god can be a self-centred or self-absorbed bubble.  You and humankind can be it too.


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