If a religion does not cause wars, it can still be dangerous in how it treats murder in war-time as if it were as pardonable as robbing orchards.

It is believed that many of those who say they order genocide or honour killings in the name of God or faith in an alleged revelation of God and who say they really believe they do right are telling the truth. They show no signs of a troubled conscience before, during or after the terrible deed.

This raises some questions.

How do you know that you believe stealing is wrong that you believe it because it is true? You cannot know that.  What proves that you do not know when people believe in terrible morals with the same or more conviction than you!

How can it be right to encourage religion which leads to different moral rules when on the human level there is so much trouble getting people to accept moral truth and believe the right morals? Religion risks muddying which is in itself terrible and bad. There is enough to cause discord over morals without religion getting involved. Religion is inherently risky and that is pro-violence in a sense itself.

If you can sincerely and strongly believe God wants you to have young girls who “disgrace” their families to be brutally murdered, then it is possible to swear that something is moral and be convinced and still be wrong.   How do you explain somebody of faith really believing that it is right say to murder those girls? The only answer is that they think the evil is needed by God not because he wants it but because it is essential for some worthwhile purpose. Actions speak louder. The person shows what he believes about God and evil by his actions. The doctrine that God uses evil to do good with it is responsible.  That many who believe he does do not kill is no argument against its being responsible. A doctrine that God is intolerant of suffering and death and evil is not possible for the fact is that these things happen when he has the power to stop them.  Such a doctrine would be a delusion even in the eyes of believers.  And delusions that are inflicted on yourself like that can lead to further delusions even violent ones.

Religion doing bad or having done bad is proving that it definitely could be bad or suspicious. It could be inherently suspect. Indeed you have to assume at the very least that it is inherently suspect.  Do not assume it is a good thing having gone wrong.  It is the fruits you have to go by.  Leave a religion that wages violence.


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