A sacrament is a blasphemous rite that is alleged to be a channel through which God gives grace. It pictures the grace it is supposed to give. For example, the priest saying he absolves your sin pictures God forgiving you and causes God to absolve you as well. Sacraments are occult activities condemned by the Law of Moses. The Catholic Church rejects this teaching for it says that sacraments are not magic for God has decreed that his power will only be channelled through rites performed a certain way. But then what is stopping you from saying that God will give you riches and a love mate if you carry out certain rites? Magicians often do make such claims. Their claims show that the sacraments are indeed occult rituals.
A sacrament is an occult spell. Believers say it is not because instead of working like magic, the sacrament only works on a person who wants to receive the grace and who has faith. But that is like saying that a love spell is not a spell at all if the one you want to love you has to consent to letting the spell work!
Magic goes by the law of correspondence, which simply means that like produces like. The sacraments are said to give the grace they symbolise: in other words we have like produces like.
Many Christians believe that you should not do the Ouija Board or meditate for you don't know what kind of spirits or supernatural influence you are opening yourself up to. And they have the nerve to inflict sacraments on their babies and eat communion wafers!
God would be more interested in people being holy than in them gaining holiness through rites which is too restricting and makes availability a problem. The Catholic Church has seven sacraments.
You could have tremendously holy dispositions one day and be ready for the sacraments. Then you miss the bus to the Church and the next day when you finally get there your dispositions are far from the calibre they were yesterday. That a God would decline to give you grace until you undergo a rite though you might have been more open to his grace before is disgraceful and superstitious. The sacraments were useful for getting people to trust in the Church for salvation so that the Church would trust them more. They exist for the purpose of ecclesiastical manipulation and empowerment. If you are reluctant to do heroic good for others, you may pray for them and do rites for them and tell yourself you are doing the only thing for them that ultimately matters. It is a way of feeling you are good for doing nothing.
Jesus said if you cannot trust a man in big or small things you cannot trust him full stop. The Bible sees human authority as regrettable but necessary for humanity is so dangerous and godless and deceitful. In this context no sane God would give humanity the power to channel his grace, especially in relation to forgiving sins through baptism and absolution. Such doctrines can only spring from human pride. Sacramentalism is deformed spirituality.
Sacramentalism is insulting to God. Even if God does not exist, the fact remains that it is bad for it would hurt him. If you think a burglar is in the house and you decide to beat him to death you are still a bad person. There being no burglar does not change that.


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