Melanie Phillips, British journalist, told us her observation in February 2019.  "There’s a widespread failure to understand that anti-semitism is not just one of many types of bigotry. It is unique in its obsessional and malicious libels, double standards and murderous incitement against a people it depicts as a cosmic evil of almost supernatural proportions. There’s a further failure to understand that anti-Israelism is the new anti-semitism, since it exhibits precisely the same characteristics. ... When societies and individuals find their identity fragmenting, they turn on the Jewish people as the scapegoat onto which they project their own murderous feelings. All these reasons and more have much validity. But ultimately, anti-semitism is inexplicable because it is quite deranged. And that’s the most frightening thing of all."

Here are the questions,

Why does the left and the right share anti-semitist tendencies?  Liberals are as bad as everybody else.

Why is anti-Jew hate different and more virulent than any other kind of racism? Is it something else rather than racism?  Is it some kind of existential religious thing?

Why are even children turning anti-semitist?

Why is anti-semitism so rife among people who have never knowingly even met a Jew?

The one link all anti-semitists have is some membership or cultural affinity with Christianity.  In some unknown but clear way the faith is creating the problem and keeping the hate fed without even needing to try hard. 

It couldn't be any clearer.  If you believed in gods and spirits you might think that Jesus' spirit was drawing the Christians to hate the Jewish people.  It is proof that religion is hate and how dangerous any religion may become.  The problem is so strange that everybody who promotes Christianity or stands silent while it is is promoted is wittingly or unwittingly complicit.


Even without sectarian doctrines, a religion will still produce a sectarian problem!

Christianity produces sectarianism and reveres it in its doctrines and nurtures it with them.  The doctrines are both a cause and a driver for anti-Jewish hate.

Only religious prejudice can explain why in the country the Jews who we don't hear much about in the media and who have never earned a bad reputation like some religious groups and castes have are hated at all and even worse, hated more than the groups you can expect to be the targets of hate.

Everybody has to ask why a group of people that have been victimised by Christianity and Islam (and religiously influenced monstrosities) such as the Nazis for centuries are hated in such an inexplicable way and big numbers. Why are the percentages of Jew haters always higher in a nation than hatred for Muslims, Roma, gypsies and so on and on. Yes I am referring to the Jews which the Catholic Church called the perfidious Jews on Good Friday for centuries. No Jew commits suicide bombings in Paris or New York or hates our values. Jews are not endlessly painted in a bad light like Roma and Muslims and Catholic priests in the media. I have never seen anything that would make you dislike them. Why for example are Jews picked on when the Catholic priesthood enabled brutal sex abuse of children and even babies by looking the other way? Religion gave them a means of access to children so why does Catholicism get away with it as much as it does? In psychology, members of a group attacking or hating or hurting my group explains if and why I hate them. So if I hate the Jews then why? I have no reason but something is doing it. The answer is in the subtle and unique power of religion Christianity and Islam to instil prejudice. It shows the danger and potential of religion.

Psychology has noticed a passive aggressive streak in being Christian.  The huge majority of Hitler's followers were Christians and who supported the Church. The hidden power of religion shows why Christianity was the oil that sped up the Nazi machinery in Germany and millions of Jews died. Where is our empathy? In 1944 Hitler said, “I may not be a light of the Church, a pulpiteer, but deep down I am a pious man, and believe that whoever fights bravely in defense of the natural laws framed by God and never capitulates will never be deserted by the lawgiver, but will, in the end receive the blessings of Providence." Catholics must leave their Church for its role in what happened to the Jews under the Nazis. Support is subtle anti-Semitism. And as it happened once it will happen again. It indeed has. Think of the role of priests and nuns in the 1994 Rwanda genocide. The pope never apologised for their role but ignored it. Blame the religion not the religionist if that makes any sense.

The Christian faith needs so much fixing that it is wiser to just discard it and start something else. Fixing it will not do away with the, metaphoric, genetic influence and legacy Jesus has left it with. It may be eclipsed and its light may grow time but the spark is there and it will set fire to the forest when you least expect. You cannot condemn the Church without also looking at the founder. A bad cruel kingdom needs its king looked at first and foremost. Never underestimate how influence works. It can be poisonous even when the person is long gone. There is a phenomenon here but Jesus and the Church that claims to be his is not the only example but a prime one. Islam is Muhammad and Mormonism is Joseph Smith. It is unexplainable it seems. But it is obvious. It is real. It is toxic. Never underestimate the founder effect.


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