Religion teaches that all depends on God to exist. If he withdrew his support all things would go back to being nothing. He creates each successive stage so that like a film it seems to be all connected and flowing. It seems all connected and smooth.

Greek philosophy says that out of nothing, nothing can come.

But what if hypothetically something did come? Well energy cannot just go away so it will remain whether God wants it to or not.

Science tells us that energy only changes its form but it cannot go back to nothing and was possibly never nothing in the first place ever.

If you find all that incoherent that is because religion is making an input with nonsense.

Evil ruining God’s creation at the dawn of time makes sense to us if we think it is literally the same but changing universe.  The effects have been with us since then. 

But it is not. The universe is continually being remade with differences. 

The argument that evil is a falling short of good implies the universe was and should still be perfect but it was distorted.

But that assumes a narrow view of perfection.  If you intend something to be imperfect then paradoxically the end result is perfect.  The end result is perfect in the relevant sense.  It is what you intended it to be.  Making something less good than it could be would mean that it is good by the standard you want.

What if the world has had no plague and now has?  God then cannot say he made a good world that went wrong.  He is letting that world vanish and making a replacement one.  Like an old film, the reel of still images at a certain speed looks like a moving picture.  The only option is to condone the evil.

You are condoning whether you realise it or not when you preach a creator God.  By celebrating God you are celebrating the evil.

What about this repeated creating and our free will?  God cannot say the evil I do now was made by me.  No he makes me as I choose to do it and remakes me to see me commit it.  So it is all him.  If I can create a man to kill my mother I am the real killer.

No matter if you like this continuous existence thing or not, if you see creation as a film reel or not, the notion that all vanishes if God stops sustaining is means that in a sense it makes no difference.  The problem is with the creating agent.  And it shows we just cannot have the morality we want not even if we posit the existence of a loving and fair god.


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