Believers say that God does not just represent and endorse morality but he is morality. He is justice, for example. Interestingly, nobody praises Stalin for serving justice in his perverted way. Nobody says, "Justice is God and Stalin then was just serving his hazy and confused version of God." Indeed if God is justice then you can say even secular wars are fought in the name of God even if that is misguided. If they think they are fair they are trying to connect to God. You can still blame God. You cannot blame secularism. God by definition is the be all and end all.
Belief in God is a terrible thing. In Islamic countries in particular it is responsible for many murders legal and otherwise. People are killed because it is claimed that God has decreed that they must be punished by a cruel death - often by stoning. Some believers will respond that it is not belief in God that does this but men looking for power. The Bible God and the Muslim God wants adulterous people subjected to cruel capital punishment. Men could get power without stoning adulterous people to death. And do we have the right to say those killers are just after power? Why not take them at their word - that they do it out of a sense of duty to obey God? Accusing them of being godless hypocrites who are really only interested in power is a guess. You need proof to say that and you cannot get such proof unless you can do the impossible and see into their hearts. Imagine the damage you do if you are wrong! You enable the problem. You just judge the evil servants of God instead of judging the real problem which is belief in God. The belief in God - God is by definition that which is to be obeyed - is to blame. If God is such a great belief then how are people able to use this belief to wreak great evil? Accusing them of being hypocrites who are pretending to care about God is antagonising and angering them far more - especially if they really do care for God.

Those who say, "Belief in God does not always lead to terrible deeds" need to learn how to think. They too enable the problem of god inspired violence. What you do is check to see if more people kill because they believe in God or if more people kill if they don't. It is a statistical matter. If more kill because they believe then you cannot hide behind the excuse that the belief can be harmless.
People are being urged and conditioned to try to love God more than their own lives. That automatically says that beliefs and religious authority come before life. It is a short step then to start believing in books like the Koran and the Bible that say we may kill for God and to start obeying them. To love God entirely is to hate disobedience to him. The step from hating disobedience to him to hating the disobedient is too short for comfort. Belief in God certainly encourages violence even if it pretends to forbid it for it puts the temptation to violence in those foolish enough to believe. When the religionists say they kill because God commanded it then why not believe them? It is better for the whole belief to be abandoned if that is what it takes to save as much as one human life. Religion devoted to God denies this for it says that God as the originator of life comes first and that is why I attack and abhor the fanaticism it stands for. They are fanatics because they should have beliefs that are so respectful of human life that no harm is done if their religions are false. Happily there is hope. God does not exist and we should not want him to.
Christianity when it seems to be a religion of peace is actually a religion of deferred violence. The violence is given to the Hebrews to do for them. For example, consider how the Church regards the laws commanding the Hebrews to stone people to death as divinely inspired.
When you believe in a God who uses evil to do good or if you think that evil is necessary for real good to take place then you are saying it is reasonable to believe that God can command you to go to war for him. Even if you are not violent, you are still to blame for the believers that are for you and they both cut the key to open the door of violence. If there is a God it is reasonable that you may have to do harm for him but you will deny the harm is really evil in the scheme of things. If there is no God and you believe in him, you are making it reasonable for you to believe you may have to harm for him.  Do not enable damaging beliefs and behaviour - you could promote healthy beliefs and behaviours instead.

If a person is conditioned to believe that killing people of other religions is not seriously wrong or not wrong at all or even good you need incredible evidence before you can trust that person in society. Conditioning is very powerful and can seem to be gone and then resurrect itself unexpectedly. The person themselves could end up surprised at what they want to do and do. The seeds of violence were planted in the child and seeds can grow when the person himself least expects it.

Religion opens the door to violence and censorship and indoctrination and abuse and pious fraud. It both opens the door and leads to them. A religion that leads some not all to such things is still bad. A good religion opens the door to no evil and does not lead to any evil.

Saying anything is an abuse of religion can be used in an ideological way and become a strategy for disrespecting and attacking religious freedom. You can say it is an abuse of Catholicism not to let priests break the seal of confession to stop murders. Or you can say it is an abuse of Catholicism to ban abortion. Or to ban atheists from becoming pope. Atheists would not want to but you never know. Stranger things have happened. It is thus in a faith’s best interest to admit that it, at least in some unknown way, leads to hate and violence.

Only the fruits of a bad religion show if it is implicitly or manipulatively endorsing evil.  Only they show if it has an inherent knack for doing this.


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