Sometimes you have to do a xenodiagnosis.  You may not know how religion infects people.  Perhaps you find you deliberately infect some to get some answers.  That is you but religion strangely seems to be doing the same thing.  It is appalling as a force but the biggest problem is how allies pave the way for it and support it with structures and excuses for its bad behaviour.

Let us look at some way religion infects.  Most methods will be very subtle.

Religion has free will as a gift from God that we abuse and harm others with.  That way God is declared innocent of making a faulty universe. We ruined it.  There is pride is saying that your evil is a Pandora's box that can end the unimaginable perfection of creation like Adam and Eve. And furthermore that it can infect the whole creation.  Some gift then that depends on pride!  Humility that is exaggerated, "O my sins are horrendous" when they are not is itself pride.  Who do you think you are if you and your sins matter that much? 

Believers tend to say now that we are largely programmed but still there is some space for free will.  So if I commit murder they have no reason to say they know how much free will was involved.  If it is little then I should get a fine not a jail sentence.  Nobody can measure my responsibility not even me.   Others say free will means you are indeed programmed but as long as nothing is obviously forcing you, like a taskmaster, your action is yours and you are responsible.  So a robot that is no longer forced is free?

Religious people look for rights on the basis of “I have deeply held religious beliefs.” But Jungians have a deeper belief. They don’t look for different treatment before the law. They don’t want privileges for their beliefs. They believe that on the level of the unconscious we are all one person. That is the definition of a deeply held belief. A belief about a God who is not you may be personal but not as personal or as basic as that.

Religion uses forgiveness to ward off as much opposition as it can.  If you forgive and are a member it will use that.  Forgiveness is seen as giving a fresh start to yourself instead of locking yourself in fear and anger.  And giving a new beginning offer to the other person.  And it is seen as giving the world the gift of being a bit better. But that can happen if you reduce the fear and anger to a reasonable level.  You need to remember what the person did.  If you forgive the person that is bad if it entails refusing to learn or hold on to the lessons you learned about human nature.  Forgiveness as a moral mandate is useful only to the religion.  To use your degradation that way is reprehensible and it is no wonder religious forgiveness does not do the wonderful things we are led to believe.  It can backfire and reverse leaving the wronged person worse off than before and visited by hateful resentful urges that seem to get stronger and stronger.

If you are the one creating the forgiveness and it is not a gift from God, if it is not an act of God, then what if you realise this?  You will suspect it that is for sure.  The placebo, the crutch, where you think you are not suffering any more and not afraid any more has gone and you are back where you started.  You have reversed the forgiveness.

That could be avoided if people learned that moving on as well as they can is enough.  Forgiveness is a step too far in serious situations. Otherwise it is fine.

When two consciences conflict we learn that love thy neighbour as yourself is fakery. The gospels have examples of Jesus imposing his conscience on others. He had no business telling a wife she sinned by having another man.  Believers will not budge and give conscience as an excuse as if yours does not matter.

Jesus said in Matthew 15:19 that evil comes not from what you eat but from your heart.  He said evil comes from within.  Christians say that is individuals.  But heart is only a metaphor.  A group has more "heart" than any lone person.  Groups have hearts.  If a religion or faith has a darkness within it will corrupt you and you don't have the self-respect to walk away.  If your God is your fantasy-friend, a version to suit you, then faith is about you and not him.  You are hiding behind him to claim to speak to others in his name.  You use the doctrine to get around how things are not any of your business.  And if your heart is corrupt, this God will be corrupt too.

When Jesus called a man a wolf he meant it. Christians try to water that down by saying that he only meant the man has a good side but is not an animal. The person just has some bad traits at times like a wolf. When you are told somebody is a wolf you are meant to treat them as one. And that is that. Trying to soften it makes it useless and we end up not knowing exactly where the person is being a wolf and is not being a wolf.  We know the man is not a wolf but calling him one dehumanises him all the same.  Christians when they read their gospels in worship are calling the victims of Jesus wolves by proxy.

All supporters of an ideology start with what they want people to think and work backwards. They do everything in reverse. Instead of starting with evidence and going with it they start with the conclusion and pick only what they think supports it. They call themselves believers for that is socially tactical. They know people fear being thought impolite if they tell somebody they are clearly wrong in their belief. Let evidence point you to what to believe. Let it nurture that belief and feed and inform it. Keep learning.  Religion is an ideology.  And it is a composite of other ideologies.  Each religion is a patchwork made up of other religions and their ideas.

Religion holds that God is closer to you than you are to yourself and all things utterly depend on him or there would be nothing at all.  Sitting back and doing nothing and leaving it for God to do it is seen as quietism. Saying you can sit back or act and it does not matter is orthodox theism. They may tell you to get out there and help people but that is not convincing. Plus they tell you all your gifts and skills are really God’s so you are not really acting anyway no matter how much you are out there. It is God.  Regardless of whether the believer does good works or sees doing nothing as a good work too for "God is bigger than my mistakes and they are nothing compared to his majestic power and love!!" this is extremism.  Focus on the principle.  Extremism is extremism.  Even ISIS did charity work.  Keep it about the principle and don't just look at the good works and be manipulated to condone the bad underlying principles.

Christianity blames our evil side on Adam and Eve at the beginning of mankind.  They sinned and fell from God and took us with them.  The fall doctrine seems okay if we think of wonderful humans and animals who get sick and old and die. It is like a beautiful car that wear and tear breaks in the end. But in fact we have flaws in the design in the first place. We are like cars with two wheels missing or no steering wheel. The poor “design” of the human reproductive process says it all. Babies are always premature and can do nothing for themselves. And the woman’s body is not really able to give birth safely unless there is a lot of help. It is a war against nature to keep mother and baby safe.  Males will never understand this and thus will remain a threat to the wellbeing of women as long as they fail.

The doctrine of the fall seems to hide the notion that you cannot be blamed for your sins after all.  They are not really sins then.  If a behaviour is an innate part of who you are, people should not feel you are odious for perpetrating it. Your condition and the harm done to others as as result of what you do are just the natural course of things. Now your action can be both innate and not innate. Here is how. If I inherently am a threat to blonde females and will hurt them another innate trait perhaps a specific, jail?, conscience?, fear can keep me from acting on it. I remain a threat regardless. It is wrong to wait to condemn somebody until they actually do something.

For these reasons Christianity is an infection that has gotten into the heart of the world and given rise to much evil. You can say it hides behind religion and faith to harm people.  LGBT and persons who need abortion come to mind in particular.  Their treatment is a disgrace.


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