Baptism is useless spiritually and is feigned devotion

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Can't be sure any person experienced a miracle

Catholics secretly deny core teaching that papacy is valid

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Donal Anthony Foley fraud buster and his Understanding Medjugorje

How to help others and still be selfish, see them as another you

I always do something self-interested under the circumstances

If there is a creator can we call it a unicorn or God?

Is it the same to say God is a unicorn or teapot as he is our Father?

Is unhappiness a negative and not a thing?

Jesus and the sin that will never ever be forgiven by God

Jesus lied that his coming was predicted

No justification for loving God alone

Perseverance of the saints the Calvinist notion that once saved always saved

Peter Atkins and the universe from nothing that is still nothing!!

Question by Grudem about what Jesus meant by unpardonable sin

The Bible God requires lighter judgment when a Christian does evil

The papal schism over Urban VI proves Catholicism a false religion

The uneducated and spiritually immature witnesses

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Understanding evil and its faces in the light of faith

Understanding some traditional Catholic doctrines

Unity in Christianity will never come to pass

Universally preferable behaviour may be a rational basis for morality?

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Unlikely legends happen and the resurrection of Jesus is one of them

Unmasking religion's doctrine of ultimate good

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Use satire to change the minds of the religious

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