Bible God loves blood hence the stoning to death penalty

Christian teaching on sin is vicious

Debating Christianity is a prime book for quick refutations

Devotion to God and even others masks self-devotion

Does the Bible lead to the pope being seen as antichrist?

Existentialist quest for authenticity needs a critical overview

Female ordination though banned by Jesus is a human right

Fr Richard Rohr's dangerous idea that Christ is everyone

God is a contrived reply to problem of what makes good good

If an is does not give an ought this applies to God too

Is a miracle report really nature having a quirky moment?

Is it the evidence for or the need for a miracle that matters?

Is the dog or my baby an atheist?

Lacking faith in God arises from subliminal atheism

Once you affirm miracles you quit science

Overthrowing arguments that altruists are real

Posts on miracles and the dangers of adhering to them

Purgatory is a Catholic myth

Q.E.D. Atheism is me owning me and laying down boundaries

Quackery on the spiritual level happens in idol worship

Quagmire of the know-all apostle's epistemology

Quandary of Catholic list of Bible books

Quantifying the so-called problem of good and problem of evil

Quantity of Catholic homophobia is not enough according to some

Quashing the Christian lies that the faith values women

Quasi-gods supposedly describe how believers and atheists self-deify?

Queen of Peace is one of Mary's titles as the imagined New Eve

Quench the lies about Genesis affirming man woman equality

Querying Catholic teaching on reconciliation with God - Webster

Querying if Christianity is really a placebo and if this is dangerous

Querying the credibility of what religion says about natural evil

Querying the prince of peace Jesus trying to stop people liking each other?

Querying the secret pantheism of Christianity

Quest to own our bodies and to let no god or god believer interfere

Question All Things for your own protection and growth

Questionable Catholic doctrines and the lies and harms

Questionable dangerous things hide behind religious faith

Questioners of Hume are lying about his refutation of miracles

Questioning Catholic denial of Bible only with William Webster

Questioning God can be a form of atheism

Questioning if the good atheists do is really good

Questioning papal elections and denying the pope is authentic

Questioning society's lies about morality and its validity

Questioning that Jesus founded an anti-Jew Church

Questioning the accuracy of Genesis the foundation of religion

Questioning the canonisation of John XXIII

Questioning the miracles used to declare John Paul 2 a saint

Questioning the outrageous claims at apparitions of Garabandal

Questioning the view that Jesus risen was not a hallucination

Quiet atheism can speak louder than loud atheism

Quieting the conscience is not cleansing or fixing it

Quintennesial prayer guidance of Jesus is anything but

Quislings in Christianity get a terrible curse

Quit religious labelling for it is loaded, arbitrary and manipulative

Quit supporting the moral argument for God for it is nonsense

Quitting Catholicism is advisable but in a sense you may already have!

Quiver of arrows or the Christian notion that prayer is a weapon

Quote showing extremism of Catholic esteem for celibacy

Quotes showing the pope is supposedly the head of the Church

Quoting a special Catholic source on love and hate for sinners

Qur'an denies the specialness of Issa/'Jesus' or Mary

Religion is a form of placebo based quackery

Should a believer in God tolerate a socialist?

Superpower is what religion childishly means by supernatural

The Bible denies that Mary was conceived without sin

The Blood of Jesus does not forgive sin

Traditional Catholics say John Paul II's canonisations are defective

Using faith to hide a god-complex is twisted quackery

Webster shows the sacrifice of the Mass is a new invention

Why does John say not to pray for those who sin unto death?

Why the Christian God in moral terms is quite useless

Why we disbelieve in the grace of God

William Webster shows Mass is not in Catholic tradition




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