A look at the Fatima apparition book, When the Sun Danced

A philosopher shows Church is warring against evolution

Bible says the Catholic Church, Whore of Babylon, will be destroyed!

Bigger deal when religion does harm

Bread and wine of Mass are turned into a bodiless Jesus?

Challenge wrong belief for it harms down the line

Christianity deviously won't admit that its morality is grey

Christianity shamefully centres on divine good intention

Former war gods are amalgamated into harmful Christian God

God belief excuses and glorifies moral weakness

God belief versus feeling of privacy being a basic human right

Grounding and validating morality without using a God

Ian Wilson and his book Jesus the Evidence

Is becoming Catholic the best bet for a good afterlife?

Is the Pope Joan legend plausible? Was there as she-pope?

Jesus was a retroactive war monger and violence apologist

Jesus would not have drank wine at last supper

John 3 speaks of water and wind not water baptism

Kenny asks Why is there something rather than nothing?

Miracle is it what nature cannot do and is that a good enough understanding?

Paul's Letters teach salvation without good works

Quoting William Webster's refutations of Catholicism

Reincarnation does not satisfy our rational side

Religion is not excused by saying that all people sin

Religion will weaponise the good to get away with the bad

Revelation and the sacraments of the great whore

Revelation says the Super Whore wields occult power

Revisit your wish for a church wedding

Roman Church is called whore of Babylon by its Bible!

Saying you should stay in religion and change it from within

Sinners forbidden to be good!

Slave-trade and war is why you have your big religion today

Target baptism to bring the Church down

The Catholic priests ruined Ireland and nobody stopped them

The foundations for praying to Jesus in tradition are not solid

The gospels turn the women at the tomb into hearsay not witnesses

The hypocrites who say, "Jesus is God's word not the Bible"

The morals of what you think about others and they you

The notion that we are always tainted by sin is evil

The way the resurrection yarn is told is the secret of its popularity

The woman of the Book of Revelation

There is no excuse for being in a religion you detect is wrong

Underneath the denials, does Church think sexual sin is worst?

Was Jesus a warlock dabbling in the occult?

We are natural evil just as much as plagues are

We would know all if there is a God

Wealth of the visionaries of Medjugorje

Wedlock and is it holy or is it patriarchial foolery?

Wedlock is a superstition and does not merit state validation

Western Schism shows papacy is not from God or approved by him

What is forgiveness? Is religious forgiveness real?

What is Free Will?

What is hellfire and could it be real fire or the spurning of God's love?

What is idolatry and why avoiding it matters?

What is love and is love complicated for not all love is good?

What is sin?

What is spirituality?

What is the Holy See doing with an embassy?

What is the safest religion to follow?

What is Violence and why it is not always obvious?

What is wrong with being a member of a dodgy or erring religion?

What political correctness should be!

When miracle witnesses lie and thus undermine all miracle reports

When one parent objects to the baptism of their child

When religion does science itself but silences it if does not like what it says

When we won't change beliefs

Where is God and why is he acting like he is hiding?

Who am I to judge says Pope Francis

Who has the worst problem with evil or the Atheist or the Christian?

Why Catholicism claims to be the complete religious truth

Why People Hate Hypocrites unveils a shocking truth!

Why persecuting others is wrong

Woman who committed adultery is hated by Jesus

Women Priests in the Catholic Church, the arguments

Word salad theology emerges when you ask what evil is

WWJD or What would Jesus do?




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