A case for saying Christianity is rational

Answering religious kooks on facebook

Christian humility is prideful and faux

Christians saying we should be careless with received knowledge

Church admits young children may be in Hell forever

DIY Pope Pius XIII Lucian Pulvermacher

Don't let manipulators stop you knocking faith

Faith is "magical" knowledge and meant to function as knowledge

Faith is drinking the Kool-Aid

Fake remorse for rule in clerical abuse from the pope

Fr James Martin SJ and Brandon Robertson neglect safeguarding

Harmful realities of Catholic doctrine

Hell doctrine keeps flames of hate burning on earth

How our perception shows that we hate the damned person

Jesus had no credentials at all never mind bad ones!

Jesus if he chose Paul was definitely homophobic too

Jesus imposes impossible laws on the people

Keep out of peoples's suffering and don't religion-wash it

Keep with nature and don't undermine it with supernaturalism

Kick Catholic ideology out of schools

Kick the God placebo out for it is an insult to innocent suffering

Kids in school do not need religious ideology

Killing sexual love in the name of Catholicism

Killing the Catholic/Christian lie of the afterlife with God

Knave Fr Gino's sainthood pretences were exposed by luck

Knocking free will and its rationale for hate

Knocking the divine love of God and its weaponisation

Knocking trans conversion therapy

Know that religion lies and call the lies out

Know that you always have inner resources to empower you

Know there is a callous streak behind saying things are God's plan

Know what evil means and how it warns against religion

Only liars tell you to do what Jesus would do

Philosophy and Christianity and how the latter twists it

Pope Benedict's Kindergarten Rules on Miracles

Pope is a Bare-faced Liar

Popular wisdom and morality are not what they seem to be

Pregnancy as condition implies a right to abortion

Prophecy refutes the Resurrection of Christ

Questions and Answers on absurdity of Creation

Religion says that seeing porn permanently harms a child

Religion ties itself in knots over God as good and against evil

Religion uses free will doctrine to lull you into feeling safe

Religious labelling is based on the dreaded "unexamined life" Socrates

Science rules out miracles for they won't repeat themselves

Sister Faustina Kowalska was a dangerous fantasist

Standpoint epistemology and lived experience for atheists

Summary of why baby baptism is mere exploitation

Sunday the Lord's Day and Bible teaching

The Church needs to know and admit its potential for violence

When religion avoids blame for its killing fields

Why faith in God can lead to a mentally damaging projection

Why these God arguments are wrong

Zeal for sex hating is an outcome of belief in God




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