A liberal Catholic is just a liberal not a Catholic

A Mustard seed of faith ... and potential harms

Angry at the sinner not the sin is not possible!

Ann Lovett, victim of the Catholic system

Argument that it is pessimistic to say the Church will never affirm gay sex

Believe what you want is absurd advice!

Books saying the Torah's moral law is still relevant for Christians

Burden of having to love God mostly or totally

Can you love a complete sinner?

Catechism of Catholic Church downplays hate for sinners

Catholicism is Riddled with Fraudulent Miracles

Christian love is patronising and a violation

Christianity advocates essentially fanatical piety

Christians and Love the Sinner and hate the sin

Church lies that it believes in loving sinners hating sins

Condoning evil in the guise of the love sinner hate sin rule

Conflicts about love make love sinner hate sin a mess

Does love of of enemies apply to loving Satan?

Does love your neighbour as yourself define altruism?

Error about law of averages behind all magical thinking

Fake Humility of love sinner hate sin

Fanatical extremism of loving God alone

Fear leads to violence so it is not hate that is the problem

Flying saints and levitation

Fr Laurentin was catalyst of the Medjugorje fraud

Fr Laurentin who promoted Medjugorje was a liar

Get out of false religion and do it now

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner but do not admit it

Hating good intentions and love the sinner hate the sin

Hawking said the law of gravity made the universe

Hell makes hating sin far worse for it says it needs eternal punishment

How loving the sinner can blind you to your sins

If I've no natural explanation for a miracle then must I leave it alone?

If loving sinner hating sin is possible it's too difficult

If you are a lacktheist then are you an atheist?

Ingredient of sin is stupidity, exposes love sinner hate sin as lie

Inventing sins to persecute sinners

Is getting caught the only bad thing about law-breaking?

Is hating the sin the strongest or loving the sinner?

Is it consequences of sin you are to hate not the sinner?

Is saying self-creation is less absurd than God creating wise?

Jesus did not endorse self-love or permit it even

Jesus made lower than the angels? Was he God?

Lapide a Jew gives light on Jesus' alleged resurrection

Last Supper didn't turn bread and wine into Jesus for first time

Lead us not into temptation is a problematic prayer

Learning from past shows a religion's evil potential

Leaving judgement to God can be passive aggressive

Legends about Jesus' mother cast her in a bad light

Let children make their own faith decisions!

Let it be, why letting happiness come is better than seeking it

Letter of Clement of Alexandria on Secret Gospel of Mark

Letter on Prayer and its harms published 2003

Letter to Cardinal George regarding harm done to LGBT rights

Letter to parents who think they must raise their child in their faith

Liars say Leviticus allows loving modern LGBT relationships

Liberal Christianity is only for fools

Life Offering Revelations from a Hungarian nun

Limbo as a Catholic doctrine

Links recommended for exCatholics

List of allegedly infallible truths that is Catholic teachings

List of Bible books is not finalised

Lock yourself out of Church!

Love and happiness for the humanist

Love damned and hate their damning sin

Love for others is a dubious religious value

Love has a bad side and it is overhyped

Love is not the opposite of hate but a form of hate itself

Love neighbour as thyself means self-love forbidden

Love sinner and hate sin causes emotional harm

Love sinner and hate sin conceals haters

Love sinner and hate sin idea in light of free will

Love sinner and hate sin idea in light of mortal hell-deserving sin

Love sinner and hate sin is for psychopaths

Love sinner and hate sin is not for man but God

Love Sinner and Hate Sin is not really believed by Christians

Love sinner and hate sin makes you love yourself least

Love sinner and hate sin sets one on a slippery slope

Love sinner does it mean loving feelings are irrelevant?

Love sinner hate sin will attack your rights at the polling station

Love the sinner and hate sins is against scholarship

Love the sinner and hate the sin

Love the sinner and hate the sin attacks secular people

Love the sinner and hate the sin is arsenic

Love the sinner but do not love

Love the sinner hate the sin is clearly only against physical violence

Love thy Neighbour as thyself is a smokescreen

Love thy Neighbour as thyself is useless and vague

Love thy Neighbour more than Thyself!

Loving another's free will is loving them as hating it is hating them

Loving God alone is evil and it is evil to try

Mary's Fraudulent Appearance at La Salette

Moses' Law is made for all nations and peoples

My Freethinking Letters criticising religion

Need proof to love sinner and accuse them of sin

No command from Jesus to love yourself

No depth in "love one another"

Overview of the violent commands of the Jewish Law

Paul Pearsall, The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need

People cherry pick what sinners to love or hate

Pope Leo XIII on how heresy makes you a non-Catholic

Psychology exposes the love sinner and hate sin fraud

Questionable apparition of LaSalette France

Relationship between indifference and love sinner and hate sin

Religion won't let you look at suffering as it is but cloaks its true nature

Religiously lax religious terrorists remain religious terrorists

Sin to see through love sinner and hate sin

So-called gospel affirms the brutality of its God's Old Testament

Switching from love to hate isn't loving sinner, hating sin

Talk of sin and immorality fasttracks the formation of hate

The appearances of the Virgin Mary Medjugorje are nonsense

The book of Leviticus on homosexuality

The difference between absolutists and legalists

The doctrine of a mystery God leads to dogmatic legalism

The honouring the saint is honouring God argument refuted

The horrors of stamping a religious label on a baby

The law and religious incitement to hate

The law of Moses is splattered with fanaticism and blood

The leap of faith so should we jump before we look?

The letter of Jude advocates hate

The lies surrounding Medjugorje claims

The love sinner hate sin delusion

The relationship between law and morality

The Secrets of Our Lady of La Salette

The stigmata of Louise Lateau

The universe is becoming un-"designed"!!!

The words of Jesus at Last Supper refute the Mass

To love everybody results in loving nobody

Torment of loving sinner and hating sin

Unconditional love just like God is another universal lie

Unpacking the advice to live your own truth

Was Constance Lamerliere the La Salette Virgin?

What does love sinner hate sin mean?

What is wrong with love neighbour as oneself?

What is wrong with the notion of "lesser of two evils"?

When is a leap in the dark rational?

Why it is not a sin to hate when forced according to the Church

Why or why not? Love sinner, hate sin?

Why religion saying love is voluntary is problematic


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