A Christian thinker shows transubstantiation is sheer nonsense

A criticism of the three persons in one God theology

A tiny bit of free will is not free will at all

A truce is often painted as forgiveness

Against Catholic Holy Communion for it's a magical superstition

Are thoughts material things?

Arrogance to claim to be a member of the one right religion

Bible God decrees that nobody is holy or righteous

Can the transience of life erase the wish for an afterlife?

Catholic Tradition ADDS to the Bible

Catholicism and torturing heretics

Catholicism offers fantasy not ethics and its a travesty

Christian hypocrisy on organ transplants

Confession to priests needs to be stopped

Dead babies of Tuam are victims of the Christian faith

Does accepting nothing 100% justify religious allegiance? No!

Does John 1 say Jesus the Word was God or is it mistranslated?

Empty tomb of Jesus does not support resurrection

Error is bad so in what way should we tolerate it?

Gospel of Thomas and the Jesus myth

Grievances, writing to the Church

Healthcare for trans and nonbinary is good as in gender confirmation

Here is why you need to rethink being a priest

How do you show that what God thinks of morality matters?

How Jesus used prayer as a means of abusing the vulnerable

Indulge yourself with self-esteem treats!

Is Catholicism too Christian to be the whore of Babylon?

Is love the reason the three persons make up one God?

Is religion often a thought disorder needing professional help?

Is trans an identity? Not exactly!

Jesus calls Simon Peter or Rock in Matthew 16 so what did it mean?

Jesus gave three great commandments not two

Jesus told us to take up our crosses to please him

Judith Jarvis Thomson argues In Defence of Abortion

Kids who suffer from wrong sex or gender identity being imposed

Lessing, tolerance and the parable of the magic ring

Mary was a sinner

Miracle of transforming bread & wine into Christ

Miracles and the problem of true believers

Miraculous Medal visions reported by nun Catherine Laboure

Notion of food and drink becoming God is anti-biblical

Notion that evil is not real puts thin line between good & bad

Only God can make an excuse for creating thought crimes

Patron Saint of Catholic schools was a patron of paedo clerics

Prayer and trying it to see if there is a God

Queer theology is condemned by Christian tradition

Religion is a treadmill so it must accept blame for failure in individual members

Religion like human nature is conditioned to be soft on much evil

Should LGBT+ call for religion to be tolerant of it or reject religion?

Testimony to miracles is insufficient

Testing the fruits of visions and today's "prophets"

Tests done on Medjugorje visionaries are unconvincing and shallow

Tests done on Medjugorje visions are cosmetic

The Key to Transcendence for an Atheist

The ten commandments examined

The Third Secret of Fatima supposedly given by Jesus' mother

Theology of the body versus birth control

Theology of the Inquisition, it had to happen

Thief and liar and god of the Christians!

Thomas fails to witness to Jesus being risen

Thoughts on abortion and its validity as a human right

Thoughts on egoism or putting yourself first

Thoughts on miracles being spiritually useless

Thoughts on religion forcing conversion on people

Thoughts on the ontological argument

Threats to self-esteem and its healthiness

Three Gods doctrine does not seem to be viable

Three gods in one God

Three persons in one God the Trinity is a contradiction

Ticking Catholic in the census could be a mistake

Tips for Mental Health in the atheist view!

To a Catholic convert and why all must be cautious

To like the sinner you must like the sin!

To understand all is to forgive all

To women contemplating a termination

Today Christian supporters of religious murder

Tolerance has a bad passive-aggressive side

Tolerance is not the heartwarming friendly thing it says it is

Top Christians applaud Hell torments

Total inability to turn to God? A classic Protestant idea

Tradition as the interpreter of the Bible

Tradition does not support baptising babies

Tradition does not support the sacrament of penance

Tradition v. notion of Catholic mass as sacrifice

Trans should be affirmed, affirming is part of their healthcare

Transcendent and is it as important to us as religion says?

Transgenderism and autism and what we can learn

Transgenderism and narcissism

Transubstantiation is it possible even if it does not happen?

Trefontane predictably managed a seeming sun miracle like Fatima

True believer syndrome and how it makes your focus too narrow

True Church claim is Arrogant!

True for me is a polite way of admitting to being lazy and selfish

Trust is betrayed when the Church paints you with original sin

Twenty Arguments for Atheism by Peter Kreeft

Using the good fruits test of Jesus

Virgin of Revelation allegedly appears at Trefontane

Visions of Mary of La Salette another pious delusion/hoax

Was this rock the rock Jesus and Peter were standing on?

What about baptising children into both Protestant and Catholic Church?

What did science learn about the Medjugorje allegedvisions?

What is the mark of the whore of Babylon?

When a change is not a change! bread and wine turning into Jesus!

Why be very cautious with tolerance?

Why saying Jesus' tomb was empty is a theory

Why transmen/transwomen references risk abusing people

Your child is too good for baptism!


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