A Catechism for Roman Catholic Traditionalists

A defence of abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson

A suggestion regarding porn

Abandon the Lord's Supper

Abortion arguments from the baby having a soul

Abortion in Catholic doctrine

Abortion Questions and defending prochoice

Accepting suffering if there is a God

Act of God by Graham Phillips

Acts of God doctrine is used to lull us about nature getting brutal

Acts over and above the call of duty

Adam and Eve and the alleged sin they put on us

Additions made to New Testament by fraudsters

Adoption in the light of Catholic doctrine

Adversity theory in the light of faith in God

Against Baptism and why your baby deserves better

Against professionals and clergy invoking God during therapy

Against the legitimacy of the pope and his claims

Alexandrina da Costa a dangerous masochistic role model

Aliens in the light of reason

Altruism and its hypocrisy in the face of animal rights

Always wrong to ask for forgiveness

An examination of Christian teaching on love

An expert looks at the sky miracles of Medjugorje

Angels of Mons story is a famous hoax

Anger and religion and the danger of religious rage

Anglican orders are called null by the papacy

Animal magnetism the notion that you can send bad energy

Animal rights are valid rights and religion ignores them

Animal suffering is insulted by saying there is a God

Animal suffering proves there is no loving God

Antipopes are characters who claim to be the real pope

Apocrypha is controversial so should any of it be in the Bible?

Apostles were credulous and thus unreliable

Arguments from authority are dangerous

Artificial birth control is a sin that deserves Hell in Catholicism

Ashers Bakery and the "gay cake"

Ask the pope these questions and see how he is disingenuous

Asserting Atheist Rights

Assertiveness is fencing and protecting your rights

Assess so don't judge and you do not need to judge

Assessing sinners or criminals

Assisted suicide is an ethical controversy

Assumption of Mary body and soul into Heaven

Astrology is harmful and a travesty of science

Atheism is self-realisation rather than conversion

Atheist Ireland and building an ethical superstition free nation

Atheist Overreach book falsely says atheism exaggerates its moral potency

Augustine turned Christianity disordered even psychotic about evil

Bible does not say any Christian organisation can remain true

Bible ethos and its God are anti-divorce

Bill of assertive rights and rulling out God

Catholicism foolishly says saints are advocates with God

Catholicism's fake unity, its cosmetic oneness

Christianity accuses everybody of sin or of never being sin-free

Christianity and abhorrent acts of animal sacrifice

Christianity has left the faith and is not really about Jesus

Church teaching on Jesus' arrest is full of errors

Convenient Ascension: evidence for risen Jesus goes up to heaven

Did Augustine recognise the Catholic Mass?

Does God make as little input as possible?

Ecumenism is a charade and solves nothing about religious discord

Existential angst and how it can lead to religious terrorism

Getting a supposed miracle healing is turned into a religious advert

Giving all your love to God makes him your God

God idea advocates asceticism

God is a way of attaching yourself to something non-risky

Greta Christina says atheist anger is understandable

How Belief in God opposes morality

How can Christians advertise what their religion calls "evil" as they do?

If God makes us as sinners does he agree with our sins? Yes.

If Jesus forgave you with his blood you don't need absolution

If you believe in God then be angry!!

Is a miracle an event above nature not against it?

Is atheism merely the absence of belief in God?

Is Christianity a cult or does it have some cult traits?

Is it ad hominem to condemn religion as religion for it does harm?

Is renouncing pleasure for asceticism churlish towards God?

Jesus and his nasty tongue

Jesus saved us with his blood we are told but did he?

Jesus says God is daddy or Abba

Jesus was anti-person and anti-humanitarian

Marriage Annulment and the Bible

Mary at Medjugorje by Hector Avalos

Mass gets crazier when you take it to its logical conclusions

Medjugorje apparition and abortion

Miracle of priests absolving sins

Moral Absolutism lacks practicality and credibility and has slain millions

MP Carol Monaghan goes to the House of Commons with ashes on her head

New Testament does not say Jewish Law abrogated

Pick and mix religion is dishonest

Priests forgiving sins is immoral superstition

Put your religion to the test for you owe it to yourself

Putting the lost out of existence instead of sending them to Hell

Questioning alarming claims made by Angels woman Lorna Byrne

Questioning that the father has no right to a say in an abortion

Questioning the Aquarian Gospel about Jesus

Questioning the truth of religion in general

Questions about the Bible and the afterlife answered

Recognition of abortion rights should be forced on religion

Relationships after marital breakdown and Christianity

Religion is about gaining a sense of being in control

Religion says atheism has a problem of evil itself

Richard Abanes on Tolle book A New Earth and Old Deception

Roman Catholic annulments are backdoor divorce

Roman Catholicism and its dark motive for opposing abortion

Secrecy around annulments of marriage is a problem

St Augustine of Hippo condoned god evil

Supreme value of human life

Take accreditation away from religious indoctrination

Telling somebody you're praying for them

The abomination of desolation could mean Jesus or the Mass or both?

The Antidote book warns against toxic positive thinking

The blood and gore of animal sacrifice in the Bible is still in force

The New Testament word arsenokoitai is anti-gay

The universe as an accident? God theory doesn't rule that out

Thinking about those who try to make evil real, like a force

Timothy Keller a Christian warns about the dangers of identity

Values around the end of life, abortion, euthanasia

Was Padre Pio suspected of sexual abuse?

When Paul was told a spirit or angel not Jesus appeared to him

Why a sensible attitude is everything?

Why assume psychological egoism is true?

Why having cruel scriptures needs a reprimand so never hold back

Why merely assuming God exists is irresponsible





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