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An excellent book on magic theory examined

An expert tries to show Catholics are not idol worshippers

Answering those who stay in bad religion for there is worse out there

Are men given the Christian right to procreate by rape?

Bible says charisms or special gifts of holy spirit are abolished

Britain a Christian Country??

Can a priest who is pope ordain bishops?

Can the Catholic Church count sacraments?

Canonisation or the declaring of somebody a saint who is with God

Canonised Masochists, vulnerable Catholics exposed to dangerous lifestyles

Casual sex and ethical considerations

Catholic Bible interpretation and how Church sees it as unchallengeable

Catholic Church endorsed persecution

Catholic Church has power to restore evil Jewish laws

Catholic Church uses miracles to set stage for evil

Catholic doctrine on loving only God ultimately

Catholic ethics are dangerous and there are tragic casualties

Catholic faith makes a laughing stock of ethics

Catholic ideology overthrows and manipulates reason

Catholic Prophets are fortune-tellers

Catholic teaching fails to see the true place of the Bible

Catholic tradition gloats over damned in Hell

Catholicism and Bible being inspired by God

Catholicism endorses and protects Fraudulent Prophecies

Catholicism prostitutes its Christ

Catholics cannot fund and attend LGBT pride?

Cease Catholic Marriage which is only a religious patriarchal tool

Celsus and his critique of Jesus

Census forms and Religion don't tick religion if you are not religious

Centrally organised cover up by the Catholic Church

Chains of Priestly Celibacy in Christianity

Chanting is good for secularist and atheist people

Chaplains from the Church should be in hospitals?

Charity needs criticising despite posing as the pure love for God

Charlie Hebdo related prayer criticised

Chastisement from God is a horrible teaching

Chaterjee exposes crafty Mother Teresa

Cheerful despair is how an atheist copes with life

Children and prayer raises concerns

Children and visions in the light of supernaturalist belief

Children are psychological egoists!

Children must not be religiously labelled by census

Christian church fails Jesus' good fruits from thorns test

Christian critique of morality and ethics

Christian hypocrisy about criminals

Christian intellectual gymnastics are used against critics

Christian is just a label in Catholicism

Christianity and evolution cannot cohere

Christianity pretends to believe we need even very damaging free will

Christians want God loved not people

Christians when on a mission to burn churches and temples

Christians will confront atheists and sceptics for Bible says so

Christians, callous in the face of loved ones going to Hell?

Christina Gallagher seller of fake visions and fake miracles

Church Blessings and Christian Hypocrisy

Church lies about prayer and its goodness

Church speaks to an AIDS victim

Clerical apologies for clerical child sex abuse

Coming out as atheist or better still, secularist

Commandments in the Bible are from man not God

Commands and morality are not the same thing, they don't fit

Communion in the hand mocks the Eucharist

Communion under both kinds is when bread and wine are consumed

Concilarism which puts the Church above a pope had its false popes

Confession and Child Protection

Confession of sins is an evil practice

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on visions 1978

Conscience is ruined by emotional reasoning

Conscience is the supposed voice of right and wrong

Conscientious objection is an excuse for refusing treatment

Consciousness and free will

Conscription raises religious and ethical questions

Conspiracies and the Cross book examines the New Testament

Conspiracies and the Cross does not validate Christian faith

Continuous Creation or Conservation

Core religious outlook about love makes religion feeling not faith

Counselling from Clerics should be outlawed!

Crimen Sollicitationis as a sign that the papacy protects abusers

Critical Study of Medical tests on Medjugorje visionaries

Criticising the pope and his alleged integrity

Criticism and being constructive and open with assessing

Criticism of prayer is legitimate and the concerns are real

Cults in the Roman Catholic Church

David Currie on the Mass turning bread into Jesus

Do you choose to be born and where/when?

Does "Charity begin at home"?

Does a child have right to be baptised?

Essay on Science and Christianity

Evil and mendacity of pick and mix religion

Fake miracles used to justify making fake saints in Catholicism

God based forgiveness is too cheap to be forgiveness

God commanding the murder of the Canaanite people

Going to Church is a huge mistake

Going to church versus magic

Having a belief that contradicts other beliefs you have

How Christianity is supposed to judge

How Church teaching undermines love and blocks it

Implications of Catholic homophobia

Implicit conversion therapy is abuse and is cloaked in prayer

Is Catholic baptism really baptism or does it have effects?

Is challenging religious faith cruel?

Is choice just automatically right? Is it morally relevant?

Jesus and the cripple and forgiving sins

Jesus the conjurer or was he staging miracles?

John Cornwell casts negative light on Medjugorje claims

Labelling the child religiously is vile for the child deserves better

Magical faith, especially Christian, is a Pandora's box for violence

Membership in the Church is canonically invalid

Miracle Dirt of Chimayó or another dirty religious trick?

Miracles and the Clear Moral Purpose

Miracles and the slippery slope the path to further foolishness

Miracles in the light of human psychology

Most Church members are pretenders!

New Testament is built on and upholds sexism

Parents don't consent to their baby's baptism properly either!

Problems with a causing b and how it reflects on free will

Questioning if concelebration of Mass is an abuse?

Rejecting Catholic claim that universe fine-tuned for us

Religion harms children and makes irresponsible parents

Religion has no right to its charitable status

Religion is anti-democracy and implicitly pro-censorship

Respecting belief and especially religious or spiritual belief

Review of Trent Horn The Case for Catholicism

Ruini Commission said Medjugorje visions after first 7 are false

Rule that marriage must be sealed by sex makes marriage silly

Sinners can't give sacraments

Some lies told by the Catholic faith

The Catholic catechism on faith, how dangerous faith is

The Church is called the flesh of Jesus not bread

The Church on euthanasia and the gross hypocrisy

The Church pretends not to judge those who cohabitate

The Infallible Church is fallible!

The rationale for banning public sinners from communion

The sacraments in the Case for Catholicism by Trent Horn

The secular state will struggle with religious conscience clauses

The selfishness of sex in Catholic marriage

The straitjacket of consistency for a Catholic

Ticking a religion on the census gives assent to its policies being law

Voluntary confirmation into full Church membership is rare

What's the real truth about the "miracle" of consciousness?

When Catholicism was anti-ecumenical!

When the Bible says its antichrist to say Jesus didn't come in flesh

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Why free will cannot be celebrated!


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